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The sire with its multiplicity of offspring controls not only the amount of improvement but also its extent

Low Birth Weight

High birth weight is the major cause of calving problems. Waigroup always selects sires with: low birth weights means more live calves. Selecting for low birth weight has had the effect of shortening gestation length. This makes the cow herd much more efficient


  • The emphasis on Dam traits is the result of fertility being financially four times more important than growth and ten times more important that carcase conformation.
  • All Waigroup females have been in calf as a yearling and calve unassisted as a 2 yr old, and every year thereafter.


  • Emphasis is placed on quiet easy-to-handle cattle, as it is highly heritable.
  • Temperament is an important factor in meat, PH, colour and quality.
  • Clients report improvement in temperament from the use of Waigroup Sires.


  • Soundness is vital for longevity - clients report the bulls last well.
  • All bulls have passed a serving capacity test prior to sale.
  • A four year foot guarantee on all bull sales.
  • Specific attention has been given to udders, teats on females, and correct leg structure, especially the back legs of bulls, important for minimising breakdown on hills.