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Any animal is only as good as the average performance of its progeny

Waigroup Objectives

Waigroup considers that the Angus is the Dam Breed of New Zealand hill country and in 1967 with this in mind set out the following objectives that still stand today.

  • To breed a cow that can handle the vagaries of the climate and still calve regulary.
  • To breed animals that become more efficient in economic traits each year.
  • To breed a moderate sized cow, producing unassisted a calf every year, that grows quickly to 270- 320KG CWT at 18 months.
  • To breed quiet, functional Angus cattle with low birth weight, structural soundness and superior growth and longevity.
  • To breed bulls with the ability to pass Waigroup Advantages on to their progeny.
  • To use the most modern technology to achieve these objectives


Performance . . . the key.

Soundness and temperament . . . the safeguard