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Any animal showing superiority for any characteristic,carries with it its heretibility (as estimated) regardless of the performance of its parents

Gavin (John) Falloon

'Pinebank' Founder, Chairman.
Technical Advisor.
Ph (06) 377 5170

In 1919 the Pinebank Angus Stud was founded by my father A. H. R. Falloon. In 1947 I took over the Pinebank Angus Stud and concentrated on breeding cattle that could handle the poor coastal hill country that we supplied with bulls.

In 1956 I travelled to U.K. and toured Angus Studs, and learnt about "linebreeding". Upon returning to N.Z. I went through herd books looking for someone doing anything productive in cattle breeding. I Found my breeder and my bull, Escort of Ngawaka. Bull became foundation of existing herd.

In 1965 I succeeded in persuading Dr. T. S. Ch'ang, a research geneticist at Massey University and later with CSIRO in Australia, to design a Breeding Programme for me and to help me understand the basics of genetics. In 1966-67 the N.Z. Ministry of Agriculture took me around the country speaking at Beef Conferences upon "Raising Efficiency in Beef Production".

In 1967 Waigroup was formed with four Stud Breeders. Later this dropped to three.

In the 1970's, beef scientists from America, were bought to New Zealand by our Meat Board in an effort to improve the efficiency of our cattle breeding industry.

I was co-opted to join these scientists as the other lecturer.   These scientists stayed with me, before we went off travelling for up to a week at a time, talking to farmer groups, and meeting beef breeders.
It was an extraordinary privilege  having access to these people , who were leading beef research in the world, ,  getting to know them and  building relationships with them which have lasted for the rest of our lives.
During  this period I had access to all the important beef research, often getting data before it was  published.
It was an educational period which placed me in a unique position to learn about beef production and the genetics .

I Spent two terms on Angus Council, once representing my district and second time as a National Member. In 1990 was awarded the Jubilee Bronze Medal for "Outstanding Service to Animal Production" by the N.Z. Society of Animal Production. In 1998 my son William succeeded me to manage the Angus Stud. I now run the Website for the Waigroup and advise if necessary.

Willie Falloon

'Pinebank' Ph/Fax 06 372 7041

Left school in 1989. Went high country mustering in the South Island for three years.

Then went to Massey University for an Agricultural course in Farm Management.

Returned home and took over management of the farm plus the Angus stud.

Willie did a futher course at Massey in Genetics designed by Dr Darian Garick. Took over the farm in the late 1990s.

"Our bulls are sound in all respects, and they're serving capacity tested too . . . so easy to guarantee."