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(July 2016)


There is no end to the improvement in anything biological.

It will slow down, but it will go on.

Pinebank runs a scientifically designed breeding program. It has clearly based objectives of raising efficiency in angus cattle and is totally grass based.

Pinebank formed in 1919. The programme began in 1965 and has been adherred too ever since.

The maximum use of "generation interval" and "selection differential" has given our herd a lead in economic genetic concentration that cannot be overtaken.

The Profits From Using Pinebank Angus
Semen and Bulls

  • HIGH AND EFFICIENT GROWTH - Average of sires used last year was +60 at 400 days.
  • Semen collection from only the rare and very BEST PROGENY tested sires is collected for export.
  • Cows selected for competing with high stocking rates of sheep - SO ARE VERY EFFICIENT.
  • Cows have to PERFORM UNDER GRASSLAND'S CONDITIONS on steep hill country - so are mobile and good foragers.
  • Cows have the ABILITY TO RECOVER QUICKLY from stressed conditions and get back in calf.
  • All cattle handled by owners and temperament constantly under watch - so VERY QUIET AND CO-OPERATIVE CATTLE
  • ALL CALVES WEIGHED AT BIRTH so data accurate.
  • All cows must calve unassisted as 2 year olds and every subsequent year - thus A FERTILE EFFICIENT COW HERD.
  • All cattle bred for "LOW INPUT - HIGH PROFIT" and structural soundness
  • All herds are BRED FOR THE LONG TERM on steadily improving profits. Herd already managed by third generation owners.
  • Longevity bred into all cattle so replacement cost low. Bulls last over 5 seasons.
  • Utility size cattle - weaning weight at 260 days is 260+ kilograms - 400 days + 420 kilograms - mature weight bulls + 1050 kilograms.
  • Lactating cows regularly wean 65% of their body weight in calves and can be up to 75%.

Pinebank 86/96 with bull calf 152/02 at 6 months of age.
Pinebank 152/02 now being collected from, and is in the Pinebank Semen Team